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About A.G.E. Series Saw Blades
The A.G.E.™ Series is an exciting line of budget-priced, industrial-quality circular saw blades for cabinet shops, professional woodworkers and discerning hobbyists. These blades are doing so well that we have expanded the line. Manufactured in Germany, to Amana Tool® exacting specifications, these new blades deliver excellent performance at remarkably low prices!

A.G.E.™ Series blades are laser cut from virgin steel, then flattened, ground, tensioned and tipped with large, European-style 
carbide tips. These tips are ground for smooth, accurate cutting. Every step of the manufacturing process is computer-controlled and monitored by sophisticated inspection equipment to assure consistently “tight” tolerances and superior quality.

Each blade is inspected again prior to shipment, so when you buy A.G.E.™ Series blades, you can count on excellent performance and outstanding value!

A.G.E.™ Series Saw Blade Highlights:

European Style Carbide Tips
Laser Cut Expansion Slots
Precision, Heavy-Duty
Precision Ground
European Style Carbide Tips
Laser Cut Expansion Slots
Precision, Heavy-Duty
Saw Plate
Precision Ground

Extra large for multiple resharpenings.
Clean, uniform brazes.

Reduce vibration and noise
for smoother quieter cuts.

Laser-cut from virgin steel.
Computer controlled
tensioning process.
Ground to close flatness tolerances.

On multiple axes for "tight"
clearance tolerances.

AGE Armor Max Saw Blade Press Release

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